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Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing offers many benefits like infrastructure flexibility, security, and lower cost. However, migrating to cloud computing can be complicated and costly if you don’t do it right. Save the trouble and consult with us before you start the transformation.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides you with all the productivity and communication applications necessary like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Onedrive and Outlook to get work done in the modern enterprise. We make sure your employees have the necessary tools to communicate and stay productive.


AI projects

 To design and develop AI projects and solutions successfully requires deep knowledge in both Machine Learning and software development. Competencies few organisations possess. Let’s partner up to make sure you have what it takes to succeed with AI.

Azure services

We provide professional help if you consider migrating to cloud computing or need assistance with your current set up and want to improve its performance or cost level.

Get started with cloud

Together we explore your opportunity to leverage cloud computing by estimating cost and benefits for your organization. We can help you create new or migrate existing projects and systems.

Optimize your Azure

Together we review your Azure setup and identify specific actions to increase performance and with our expertise in software development we make sure you are utilizing the right Azure service.

Azure Cost control

Together we examine your Azure costs to give transparency of your Azure usage and to make sure you spend the money on services and resources you are utilizing.

Microsoft 365 services

Microsoft 365 brings all the necessary productivity and communication tools together. With Microsoft 365, you get access to critical tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and Onedrive. Tools that can enable your organization to thrive. By improving your employees’ productivity, connectivity, and ability to work from anywhere anytime.

Improve use of Microsoft

Together we review your organisation's use and need for Microsoft 365. Then we identify specific actions to increase productivity and communication using the tools provided in Microsoft 365.

Remote Working

Together we help you set up a global, simple, and secure working environment creating the best possible prerequisites for remote working. Ensuring your organization's ability to stay connected through communication and filesharing tools etc.

Microsoft Cost control

Together we take a close look at your use of Microsoft tools to make sure you have the right licenses and only pay for what you use, minimizing license expense


personal contact

We emphasize close and personal contact, the best solutions requries a good understanding of your needs and situation. For every project we assign an expert, so you have one primary contact person that is always on top of your specific situation and project.

Time-oriented delivery

We strive to deliver projects fast and on time, however we never compromise on quality or hand over projects unfinished. Each project is thorough timeestimated and we take pride of all projects we have completed and we are not satisfied before we have exceeded your expectations.


We are Tech people with a big T, but we know that the solution always comes before the technology. No matter the problem we focus on delivering the best possible solution and we are not afraid of challeing your ideas.

No matter the size of your question or challenge, we are eager to help and support you in taking the right decision.  The time it takes to call or send an email can be very valuable if it leads to the right decision.




Ivensa are based in Copenhagen and specializing in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

At Ivensa we are enthusiastic about how technology shape businesses and excited to bring new technologies and help optimize your organization in ways you never thought possible.

Besides experience with cutting-edge technologies, we have extensive knowledge within classic IT and infrastructure (Network, Hardware, etc.). That is the foundation for having success with the implementation and execution of new solutions into existing organizations.

Our expertise spans the entire project lifetime, from brainstorming to implementation and integration. Hence you get our full support end-to-end if needed. We are always completely committed to projects and only accept new ones if we have resources available to guarantee we always follow through on projects.


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